Find your MAC address

In order to connect to the wired Ethernet at Scripps, you must provide your computer's (or its adapter's) hardware address when filling out our form ( This document will help you find that information.

White spaces in images indicate where details have been redacted to ensure privacy and security.


1) Go to Apple > System Preferences


2) Click on the Network Panel

System Preferences_Network.png

3) Select your wired  Ethernet adapter (not the Wi-Fi!) and click the Advanced button

System Preferences_Network_Ethernet.png

4) Click the Hardware tab to find the MAC address

System Preferences_Network_Ethernet_Advanced_Hardware.png


Method 1: Command line

1) Click Start and open cmd.exe

2) Enter ipconfig/all at the prompt

3) Find the Ethernet adapter (not the Wireless!) and the line for "Physical Address"

Step 8 - ipconfig all


Method 2:

1) Click Start > Settings

Step 1 - Start_Settings


2a) Click Network & Internet

Step 2 - Settings_Network


2b) If you do not have an active wired network connection, skip to step 3 below. If you do currently have an active wired network connection, click Ethernet, then click on the adapter (in the following image, it is listed as "Network 2")



2c) Scroll down to find the Physical Address. You are done!

Settings_network adapter.png

3) Continue here if you do not have an active network connection.
Click on Ethernet, then click Network and Sharing Center

Step 3 - Settings_Ethernet


4) Click "Change adapter settings"

Step 4 - Network and Sharing


5) Double click the Ethernet adapter

Step 5 - Network connections

6) Click Details...

Step 6 - Ethernet status


7) Find the Physical Address. You are done!

Step 7 - Physical Address