Servers and Storage

Centralized server hosting and system administration in the SIO CoLocation Server Facility.

Scripps Information Technology does not provide scientific or web based programming, only management of the physical and virtual server environments.

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File and Backups Storage  ($55/TB + $32 per month)

Network Storage & Backups

  • NFS and SMB/CIFS Mounted Network Storage
  • ZFS zraid2 file system for redundant hardware failure protection
  • Hourly and daily snapshots stored locally for accidental deletions
  • Offsite Redundant backups for Disaster recovery (90 day retention)
  • One-time provisioning charge of $55/TB (separate for file storage and backups)
  • Monthly data share management fee of $32 (based on 20 minutes of hourly rate)
Server Hosting ($64/server per month)

Physical and Virtual Machine (VM) Hosting & Administration

  • User Provided Server Class Hardware, Rack Mountable and Capable of Remote Management
  • Rack space in SIO Colocation Facility provided
  • Standalone server hosting
  • VMWare ESXi platform for virtual machine hosting (VMWare license not included)
  • Virtual Machine Provisioning (User-Provided Hardware)
  • Includes annual RHEL subscription (if Linux hosted)

Included System Administration Services

  • User management Server security monitoring
  • OS patching
  • Log Monitoring
  • Database and Application monitoring
  • Configuration management
  • Routine software installation (e.g., Matlab, NetCDF, Sophos A/V)
  • Data backup and restore monitoring and support (storage costs billed separately)
  • System and hardware failure monitoring
  • Warranty management and support
  • Monthly management fee of $64 (based on 40 minutes of hourly rate)
Additional Recharge Services ($96/hour)

Systems Administration

  • Initial Hardware installation and Configuration
  • OS  & virtual machine Installation and Configuration
  • Complex software installation, configuration & Licensing
  • Hardware upgrades and repairs
  • Disaster Recovery Restores
  • WordPress server management fee of $32 (based on 20 minutes of hourly rate)