Computer Purchasing


System Configurations - Minimum hardware recommendations

  • Memory: 16GB
  • HardDrive: 512 SSD* **
  • Extended Warranty: AppleCare or Applicable 3-4 Year Warranty

 * These are minimum recommendations, if large files are stored locally (i.e. not on a server, cloud or drive) the HardDrive capacity should be increased.
** Operating Systems (OS) and subsequent upgrades can require (and use) anywhere from 35-45 GB of HardDrive space.


Purchasing Computers

Business Offices
  • Scripps IT Facilitated Purchasing 
    • Please email us at to acquire a quote and start the process.
Research and Faculty


System Recommendations

  • MacBook Pro (MBP)*
  • iMac

 * MBP 13" M1 and M2 Processor Devices DO NOT Support Dual Monitors. For use with Dual Monitors, please opt for the MBP 14” or 16” models.

  • Dell XPS (Laptop)
  • Dell OptiPlex (Desktop)
  • Surface Pro