Scripps Information Technology provides IT support services to the entire Scripps community: students, staff, faculty, volunteers, and visitors.

Services Provided

  • Account provisioning, setup and troubleshooting
  • Access to printers
  • Network registration and connection configuration
  • Software/Hardware installation and troubleshooting

In addition, an hourly recharge service will be available to the Scripps’ research community to provide solutions for more complex IT issues, such as hardware repair, disk drive imaging, operating system and application software re-installation, etc. 

Scripps IT also provides server systems administration and hosting, and data storage and backup services on a monthly recharge basis. (See appendix below for the catalog of services.)

Contact Us

Email: | Phone: 858-534-8484 | Submit a Help Request

Hours of Operation: Mon–Fri 7:30am–4:30pm
Location: Eckart Building, Room 150 | 8755 Biological Grade La Jolla, CA 92037

In-Person Assistance: 
Available by appointment or during our walk-in hours which are Tu-Fri 10:00am-12:00pm and 1:00pm-3:00pm. 


IT Helpdesk Services (No Cost)

Phone, Walk-in, and On-Site Support

Computer Registration, Network Connectivity, and Security

  • Configure computer on UCSD wired and/or wireless network including port activation
  • Secure computer for compliance with UCSD Network Security Standards

Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Assistance

  • Initial help with hardware and software diagnostics
  • Coordinate computer repair
  • Computer surplus and disposal

Supported Operating Systems

  • Mac OS X
    masOS Ventura (13)

    macOS Monterey (12)

    macOS Sonoma (14) is expected to be released in October. We recommend delaying the upgrade to Sonoma until a .1 or .2 release. Additionally, systems running older operating systems should be upgraded to a supported OS to remain compliant with university policies and Minimum Campus Security requirements. Systems with hardware unable to support a newer OS should be replaced. 

  • Microsoft Windows 10 and 11
    (OS License supplied by user or vendor)

Software Licensing and Installation

  • OS and software installation and configuration
    (See software section for complete listing)


  • Centralized building printer access
  • High quality color printing


IT Recharge Services ($86/hour)

Computer Setup

  • Software installation/troubleshooting (non-routine)
  • Linux install, setup, and configuration (non-server)
  • Installation of virtual machine software on desktop/laptop
  • Lab and field computer configuration and troubleshooting

Hardware Assistance

  • Computer repair and troubleshooting

Malware and Virus Removal

  • Diagnose and repair
Managed Lab Machine (MLM) ($43/month)

Managed Lab Machine Enrollment Form

This service is available for research systems running macOS or Windows (e.g. laptops or computers attached to lab equipment). Scripps IT will ensure that the managed computer will remain in compliance with UCSD Network Security Standards by installing routine security patches, firewall management and attending to virus abatement.

The following services will be provided on a per machine monthly charge:

User Management and Provisioning

  • Including file system permissions and support

Patch Monitoring and Mitigation

  • Including scheduling installation, reboots and roll backs

Antivirus Installation and Monitoring

  • Includes virus clean up and disinfection

Firewall and Log Monitoring

  • Includes configuration of host-based firewall and central log monitoring

CrashPlan Cloud Backups

  • Included at no extra charge for enrolled Lab Managed Machines

    (data backup limits apply)


Note: MLM enrollment is paid by an individual lab, PI, or group. Additionally, user permissions are set (and vary) by group.  It is recommended that users exercise caution and ensure software is from a reputable source prior to installation.

  • Antivirus
  • Encryption
  • Vulnerability Management Software
  • Patch and Update Management: Central monitoring of updates with notifications
  • Physical Security
  • Request anti-theft devices
  • Report theft, loss or damage to property – Learn how to file for insurance reimbursement when department-owned property has been stolen, lost, damaged or destroyed.  Policies: UCSD minimum network security standard
UCSD Campus Resources
  • Campus Network Status
  • Cisco VPN
  • DUO Two-Step Authentication
  • Find your Department Systems Administrator (DSA)
  • Network Security Resources
  • Password Change Tool

See our Knowledge Base for more information about password resets, business applications, printing services, networking, Google apps, and more.