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Walrus skull fossil from the teaching collection
Walrus skull fossil from the teaching collection

The geological teaching collection is housed in Ritter Hall Room 154 and currently includes about 5500 rock, mineral and fossil samples that are available for instructional use. The collection includes specimens acquired during faculty research programs and field trips as well as some materials purchased by the SIO department. Through a course development grant and donor support the collection was significantly enhanced during 2018/19, with about 2000 new samples added to the collection. With assistance from Scripps IT, the collection now has a web-based search tool (see below) that allows samples to be identified by sample type, location or browsed via an image gallery. All samples have been barcoded to facilitate tracking and to easily find the storage location of returned samples. We are actively adding to the collection so if you have samples to donate or would like to borrow materials please contact J. Gee or D. Norris

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