Fellowship Donors Recognized


At a special seaside brunch on April 7, 2013, Scripps Institution of Oceanography fellowship students presented their research and gave thanks to the generous donors who support their education.

Fellowship donors are special to Scripps because they extend meaningful support to the next generation of leaders in ocean, earth, and atmospheric sciences. Now, more than ever, support for fellowships remains a top fundraising priority at Scripps. More and more, this support is a lifeline for students as they complete their degrees.

"A great deal is expected of Scripps students," said Scripps Interim Director Catherine Constable to the fellowship donors in attendance. "Their studies span the farthest reaches of our globe to the deepest spots in the ocean in search of knowledge that benefits our planet. Of course, it’s natural they will face challenges during the course of their education, but as an alumna of Scripps myself, I know how encouraging it is to be able to lean on supporters like you who help lighten the load, and who share their passion for science."

At the event, a special presentation was made to honor the Wyer Family their years of generous fellowship support. In addition, Scripps fellowship students displayed their research during a poster session, three featured student speakers delivered resarch presentations, and three others addressed the audience during a question and answer session about their experiences as Scripps students.

Student Research Presenters: 
Nellie Shaul
"Contaminants of emerging concern in the marine environment"

Nuri (Tessa) Pierce
"Gene expression response of California market squid embryos to high-carbon dioxide/low pH and low-oxygen conditions"

Tara Whitty
"Mapping conservation-scapes for Irrawaddy dolphins and small-scale fisheries in Southeast Asia"

Thank you to all of our Scripps fellowship donors for making an investment in the next generation of environmental leaders. Your support has an effect far beyond the education of a single person. It impacts the lives of all those who will inevitably be affected by their scientific innovations.

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