Symposium Highlights Undergraduate Research at Scripps


Ambitious UC San Diego undergraduate students engaged in research projects at Scripps Institution of Oceanography had the opportunity to showcase their work at the 2015 Scripps Undergraduate Research Symposium, which was held on June 1 at the Robert Paine Scripps Forum for Science, Society and the Environment.

Projects covered a wide variety of topics, ranging from a study of urchin movement in a south Point Loma barren, to the effects of sea grass on pH in a near-shore environment, to the fluctuation of ichthyoplankton (the eggs and larvae of fish) assemblages from British Columbia to Baja California.

A total of 23 students participated in the symposium, with four receiving awards for “Best Research Poster” from a panel of judges.

The award-winning students and projects are:

  • Camille Grimaldi, "Physical and Environmental Controls of Seawater Chemistry in Seagrass Beds"
  • Brittany Meyer, "Coral Reef Identification Automization: An Application of Photomosaic Technology"
  • Lindsey Pieper, "We Know You're In There, but Who's Participating? An Investigation Into the Presence and Activity of Marine Fish Microbiota"
  • Michelle Zill, "Using Ichthyoliths to Understand Fish Production During the Eocene-Oligocene"

Congratulations to the winners and to all symposium participants for their valuable contributions to the scientific community!

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