Engineering Infrastructure

IOD Nearshore and Beach Processes Engineering Group

This group designs, builds, calibrates, deploys, maintains, and recovers instrumentation used to study nearshore processes.

The systems are often multidisciplinary in nature and involve mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and systems programming.

Design examples include mechanical platforms located in the surfzone, underwater housings, bathymetry mapping waverunners, sonic altimeters, GPS surfzone drifters, data acquisition systems, coherent pressure arrays, current meters, and recently a water-sampling waverunner to map rhodamine and chlorophyll in the nearshore.

Experienced in the use of acoustic, EM and optical sensors, GPS, RF telemetry, analog, digital, imbedded controllers, CPLDs, customed realtime data acquisition and display software.

Past mechanical engineering applications include theoretical fluid, mass, pressure and inertial loading as well as vibration mitigation and material selection for pumping systems, instrumentation frames and underwater housing designs.