• Ecology of marine viruses, bacteria and phytoplankton, and the roles these organisms play in marine food webs and biogeochemical cycles
  • Microbial symbioses with marine invertebrates
  • New compounds from cyanobacteria
  • Microbial adaptations to pressure and temperature extremes and other environmental stresses in the marine environment
  • Geomicrobiology
  • Bacteria and bioremediation


  • Dr Eric Allen
  • Dr. Farooq Azam (lab page)
  • Dr. Doug Bartlett
  • Dr Bianca Brahamsha
  • Dr. Horst Felbeck
  • Dr. William Fenical
  • Dr. Terry Gaasterland
  • Dr. William Gerwick
  • Dr. Paul Jensen
  • Dr. Brian Palenik

Adjuncts and Emeriti

  • Dr. Margo Heygood
  • Dr. Brad Tebo
  • Dr Art Yayanos