MPL Summer Internship Program

Interns assemble in advance of one-day cruise on research vessel Sproul

Interns assemble in advance of one-day cruise on research vessel Sproul

The Marine Physical Laboratory (MPL) at world renowned Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO) seeks inquisitive motivated undergraduates with exceptional aptitude for quantitative science, majoring in engineering, physics, chemistry, biology or geology. 

Undergraduate college students contemplating a career in scientific research and development are encouraged to apply for a summer research internship in marine science and technology. This ten- week summer internship program offers qualified students the opportunity to work with some of the most notable scientists in the world while earning a modest salary. In addition to their research, students will attend weekly seminars given by members of our faculty and scientific staff.



Applicants must be US citizens or permanent residents currently enrolled in their first, second, or third year of undergraduate status. Senior year undergrads, former MPL interns and high school applicants are not eligible.


Application Procedure - The Application Period Has Closed  

Applications were due January 18, 2019, at 4 p.m. Pacific time. Decisions will be emailed to applicants by the end of April.  Please check back in the fall to submit your application for the 2020 MPL Summer Internship Program.


Required Documents:

  1. Resume
  2. Statement of interest, including anticipated date of graduation 
  3. Academic records/Unofficial transcripts
  4. Two letters of recommendation from current/recent professors




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