Researchers remotely operate a JetYak to obtain data from glaciers A Scientist’s Life: Fiamma Straneo Physical oceanographer studies interplay between Greenland's glaciers and a warming ocean
Dec 12, 2017
Scripps MAS student Brant Chlebowski Around the Pier: Triton Innovation Challenge Awards Forward-Thinking Scientists Innovative spirit in full swing at UC San Diego’s environmentally-focused business competition
Dec 12, 2017
Birch Aquarium's Loggerhead Sea Turtle is fitted with a 3-D Printed brace for her shell. Brace Yourself — 3-D Technology Helps Sea Turtle Thrive Birch Aquarium teamed up with the UC San Diego Library’s Digital Media Lab to 3-D print a brace for its Loggerhead Sea Turtle
Dec 11, 2017
Three-dimensional rendering of Risso’s dolphin echolocation click spectra recorded in the Gulf of Mexico New Algorithm Recognizes Distinct Dolphin Clicks in Underwater Recordings Machine-learning approach could help scientists monitor wild dolphin populations
Dec 08, 2017
Photo of the Week: Hunting for Data Air Force C-130 “Hurricane Hunter” aircraft crews to help study atmospheric rivers
Dec 07, 2017
Forbes 30 Under 30 honorees Forbes 30 Under 30 Honors Four with Ties to UC San Diego UC San Diego graduate student, professor, and alumni among young talent named by Forbes
Dec 07, 2017
Scripps Scientists Honored by American Geophysical Union Helen Amanda Fricker and Lynn Russell named AGU Fellows; Richard Somerville to receive AGU Ambassador Award
Dec 05, 2017
UC San Diego climate scientist Mario Molina during celebration of his receipt of the UC San Diego Medal, May 12, 2014 UC San Diego Nobel Laureate in Chemistry Named to California Hall of Fame Mario Molina among nine inductees
Dec 04, 2017
Students and faculty from Scripps Oceanography and the School of Global Policy and Strategy at COP23 Around the Pier: UC San Diego Helps Fill U.S. Void at International Climate Talks Despite diminished official U.S. presence, university joined state leaders in reaffirming commitment to mitigate and adapt to climate change
Dec 01, 2017
Photo of the Week: Up, up, upwelling Probing the skies while studying ocean processes off Southern California
Nov 30, 2017