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Threespot damselfish Rise of Aggressive Reef Predator From Overfishing May Impede Sea Urchin Recovery, Study Finds
Reef fossils help explain why algae-controlling urchins have not recovered following mysterious dieoff
May 15, 2017
Photo: istockphoto/VR_Studio Biological Activity Found to Affect Aerosols Produced from Sea Spray
Sea spray aerosols believed to have a major contributing effect on climate
May 11, 2017
Gobi Desert dust envelops eastern China. Photo: SeaWiFS Project, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, and ORBIMAGE More Natural Dust Improves Air Quality in Eastern China
Reduced dust slows winds, increases air stagnation over cities like Beijing; implications for U.S., other cities as well
May 11, 2017
Video: Loss of Reef Urchins
Scripps scientists describe how overfishing set off damaging chain reaction in Caribbean coral reefs
May 11, 2017
Maria Vernet A Scientist’s Life: Maria Vernet
Phytoplankton ecologist studies key members of ocean food webs
May 11, 2017
Researchers used genome mining and DNA sequencing to study bacteria found in marine sponges. Credit: Jason S. Biggs Research Highlight: Bacteria Living in Marine Sponge Produce Flame Retardant-Like Compounds
Scripps researchers are steps closer to understanding human health implications
May 11, 2017
sponges Study Finds Bacteria Living in Marine Sponge Produce Toxic Flame Retardant-Like Compounds
Scripps researchers are steps closer to understanding their human health implications
May 11, 2017
Scripps Community Awarded for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
Group effort led to hiring of Scripps Diversity Initiatives Coordinator
May 10, 2017
Part of the RIS Team at Scott’s Hut near McMurdo. Hut was used during Captain Scott’s 1904 Discovery Expedition. From the Field: Graduate Students, Researcher Camp Out on Antarctic Ice Shelf
Scripps team recovers seismometers that recorded vibrations throughout the Ross Ice Shelf over past two years
May 10, 2017
Environmental microorganisms in petri dish. Photo courtesy of Simon Fraser University New Study Looks to Future of Drug Discovery in Natural World
Researchers ponder question: Is there anything still out there to discover?
May 09, 2017
Grad Students Show Lawmakers Value of UC Research
A delegation of UC graduate students traveled to the State Capitol April 19 to impress upon legislators the value of graduate research
May 08, 2017
Photo of the Week: Solar Spectacle
Though we think the pier is picture-perfect all year long
May 04, 2017
Researchers take part in the EarthOptimism and March for Science underwater off Maui, April 22 Around the Pier: Marching for Science in Scripps Style – Underwater, at Sea, and in San Diego
Researchers turn out in force to take part in international event
May 03, 2017
Boy peers into an aqaurium tank Research in Action: New Exhibit at Birch Aquarium
Exhibit doubles as a working laboratory for Scripps Oceanography scientists
May 03, 2017
Various plankton in ocean waters off La Jolla, Calif. Around the Pier: The Bioengineering Behind the Beauty
Scripps oceanographer Andrew Barton receives Simons Foundation Early Career Award to study plankton
May 02, 2017
Three-year effort launched to understand melanins, responsible for the iridescent plumage of this glossy starling. Photo: istock UC San Diego Receives $7.5 Million to Develop Innovative Uses for Melanin
Scripps marine biologist part of multidisciplinary team
Apr 27, 2017
Photo of the Week: Supporting Science at Sea
Undergraduates march for science aboard R/V Sproul
Apr 26, 2017
Fellowship Brunch Scripps Donors Thanked for Support at Annual Fellowship Brunch
Graduate students and donors discussed scientific research at yearly event
Apr 25, 2017
fishermen New Study Suggests Overfishing in One of World’s Most Productive Fishing Regions
Scripps-led study finds over capacity in Gulf of California’s small-scale fisheries
Apr 25, 2017
Photo of the Week: The Look of the Sound of the Sea
Student applies color and depth to marine mammal sounds
Apr 21, 2017
Northern California Just Surpassed the Wettest Year on Record
Atmospheric rivers, a key focus of Scripps research center, responsible for record-breaking rain
Apr 13, 2017
Marching for Science
Members of UC San Diego community gear up for March for Science in San Diego and Washington D.C.
Apr 13, 2017
2017 Workshop on Big Data and the Earth Sciences UC San Diego Organizes 2017 Workshop on Big Data and the Earth Sciences
Organizers set April 21 deadline to submit paper to 'Grand Challenges' workshop
Apr 13, 2017
Scripps distinguished professor of oceanography Lynne Talley Scripps Distinguished Professor Receives Fridtjof Nansen Award
Lynne Talley honored for her contributions to the earth, planetary, and space sciences
Apr 10, 2017
Scripps marine microbiologists Doug Bartlett and Brad Moore Scripps Marine Microbiologists Honored for Scientific Leadership
Professors Doug Bartlett and Brad Moore named fellows of the American Academy of Microbiology
Apr 07, 2017