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salton sea New Fault Discovered in Earthquake-Prone Southern California Region
Scripps-led study offers new insights for hazard assessment models
Oct 04, 2016
Raffaele Ferrari Public Lecture Dives into Ocean Turbulence and Climate
Cody Award winner Raffaele Ferrari of MIT to give free presentation Oct. 12 at Scripps
Sep 27, 2016
Jaffe Lab for Underwater Imaging, Scripps Oceanography, UC San Diego Photo of the Week: Yum!
When dinner is just a few microns away
Sep 26, 2016
scientists More Than $6 Million Awarded to Scripps-Based Long-Term Ecological Research Program
Renewed NSF funding continues studies of long-term changes of ocean ecosystems off the California coast
Sep 21, 2016
Gov. Brown signs SB 1383 into law flanked by Scripps researcher Ramanathan (back row, left) and others. Photo: CA State Sen. New California Law to Curb Climate Pollutant Emissions Based on Scripps Science
Calif. Governor Jerry Brown signs into law country’s toughest restrictions on methane, soot, refrigerant emissions; a “lifeline” to planet’s 7 billion people, says Scripps researcher
Sep 19, 2016
Stu Smith Obituary Notice: Stuart M. Smith
Head of Scripps Geological Data Center
Sep 14, 2016
Two women stand by a pier. Around the Pier: Scripps Alumnae Dive Deep for Conservation
Amber Jackson and Emily Callahan reimagine the future of California’s oil and gas rigs with their organization Blue Latitudes
Sep 13, 2016
Video: R/V Sally Ride Comes Home to San Diego
New vessel will be open for public tours Oct. 30
Sep 13, 2016
Scripps Pier panorama in 1927 and today Around the Pier: Born Two Weeks Apart, Two Icons Celebrate a Centennial
Scripps Pier was dedicated Aug. 9, 1916; two weeks later, one of the world’s oldest continuous seawater temperature records began
Sep 13, 2016
Global climate model representation of California elevations (left) compared to LOCA New, High-Resolution Climate Projections Aim to Better Represent Extreme Events
Modeling dataset includes 21st century temperature, precipitation projections for U.S. cities
Sep 12, 2016
Study Finds Earthquakes Can Trigger Near-Instantaneous Aftershocks on Different Faults
Scripps scientists are studying earthquake aftershocks to better understand their triggers
Sep 08, 2016
Three views of Typhoon Nepartak from NASA's Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer (MISR), July 7, 2016 Research Highlight: Typhoons in China, Japan, and Philippines Have Gotten Stronger Since 1970s
Trend especially pronounced among landfalling typhoons because of warming coastal waters
Sep 08, 2016
Obituary Notice: Edward (Jerry) Winterer
Renowned Scripps Oceanography Geologist
Sep 07, 2016
Willenbring Faculty Profile: Jane Willenbring Joins Scripps Oceanography
Willenbring specializes in using geochemical tools formed by cosmic radiation
Sep 06, 2016
Orange-yellow center surrounded by amber grunion embryo. Photo of the Week: 41 hours, 22 minutes
Images of grunion
Sep 01, 2016
SURF Program 2016: Student Profiles
The 2016 SURF fellows gained world-class research experience in the lab and in the field
Sep 01, 2016
Video: A Legacy of Seagoing Science Continues
Video showcases the century of ocean exploration that precedes R/V Sally Ride
Aug 24, 2016
XBT units in a Scripps Oceanography lab Around the Pier: Thirty Years On, a Groundbreaking “Gem” Still Shines
The ocean temperature-measuring XBT may be expendable, but its data is priceless
Aug 23, 2016
Proton Pump Found to Regulate Blood pH in Stingrays
Scripps research team finds new function for similar enzyme found in boneworms, corals
Aug 19, 2016
asbestos New Study Challenges Assumption of Asbestos’ Ability to Move in Soil
Scripps scientist findings may have implications for current remediation strategies
Aug 19, 2016