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A sea star embryo imaged on a confocal microscope, showing cell membranes in gray and nuclei in cyan

Study Pinpoints Cellular Response to Pressure in Sea Star Embryos

Cells take up an unusual geometrical shape in response to pressure

Whale with cargo ship in background. Photo: sbedaux

What Did the Ocean Sound Like Before Humans?

Unprecedented study uses modeling to estimate how much quieter the waters were before commercial shipping

A surfer rides a wave during the 2020 red tide event

Impacts of 2020 Red Tide Event Highlighted in New Study

Collaborative paper documents extreme water conditions that led to fish die-offs

Scripps Student Spotlight: Jack Elstner

Biological oceanography PhD student is passionate about science that supports marine conservation in a changing ocean

Citizen Scientists taking observations underwater

The Power of Citizen Science

Public participation and collaboration support the advancement of scientific research at Scripps

Dr. Barb Linnehan examining a Navy dolphin. Photo: U.S. Navy

Using Fecal Transplants to Treat Dolphins with Gastrointestinal Disease

Microbiologists and marine mammal experts team up to study dolphin microbiomes

Profile photo of a woman near the beach

Scripps Student Spotlight: Flora Coden

MAS MBC student pursues her passion for marine science conservation research at Scripps

A neon-green sea anemone

Study Illuminates the Protective Role of Fluorescence in Neon-Colored Sea Anemones

Fluorescent proteins shown to protect sea anemone cells from stress

a deep-sea worm, Pectinereis strickrotti

New Deep-Sea Worm Discovered at Methane Seep off Costa Rica

The creature raises the number of new species found by scientists studying these seemingly inhospitable ecosystems to 48

Students explore the tidepools

A Deep Dive into Undergraduate Classes at Scripps

Scripps offers unique undergraduate courses in earth, atmospheric, and marine sciences to educate the next generation of scientific and environmental leaders

New Fish Species Discovered at Remote Islands Off Mexico’s Pacific Coast

Species is a wrasse found living among volcanic rubble in Mexico’s Revillagigedo Archipelago

Green-tinged image of a barrel-shaped object sitting on end on ocean floor.

Second Seafloor Survey of Dumpsite off Coast of Southern California Completed

Researchers mapped 135 square miles, found high volume of discarded military munitions

Dovi Kacev with Scripps Pier in the background.

A Scientist’s Life: Dovi Kacev

Shark researcher schools students about marine ecosystems

school of anchovies

Study Proposes New Explanation for California Anchovy Booms and Busts

Despite the ecological and economic importance of anchovy off California, their population’s characteristic rises and falls have remained mysterious for decades

Hand-made seaweed lantern and Seaweed Speakeasy event schedule with the ocean in the background

Scripps Oceanography Celebrates Seaweed Diversity in California

The Center for Marine Biodiversity and Conservation at Scripps hosts Seaweed Speakeasy as part of the 2023 California Seaweed Festival

Resaerchs on a small coastal vessel.

Oceanographers Explore Turbulence in the Depths of La Jolla Canyon

Researchers with Scripps Oceanography’s MOD group are using pink dye and a suite of ocean tech to study underwater dynamics off La Jolla

Rob Lampe in the lab

Ocean Acidification in Coastal Upwelling Regions Shown to Impact Phytoplankton Nutrient Acquisition

Increased acidification shown to limit iron availability, a critical element for the survival of phytoplankton

Ocean Pavilion Logo for COP28

Ocean Pavilion Returns to the UN Climate Conference with Call for Ocean Science to Lead Climate Solutions

In year extreme weather events driven by rising marine temperatures, the ocean will take center stage at COP28 in Dubai November 30 – December 12

A scuba diver and a school of fish

Diving Sector Could Hold the Key to Advancing UN Sustainable Development Goals

Scripps Oceanography-led paper pinpoints how the diving community can play a critical role in global marine conservation and sustainability

Administration of a spawn-inducing hormone into a Sunflower Star

Star studded team successfully spawns three Sunflower Sea Stars at Birch Aquarium at Scripps

Hope is on the horizon for the critically endangered Sunflower Sea Star thanks to a groundbreaking collaborative effort among accredited aquariums and zoos and research laboratories

Banner Year for Birch Aquarium

Aquarium closes out its 30th year “on the hill” with record attendance, record scholarships and a prestigious AZA Award

Scripps Student Spotlight: Julia Chavarry

Biological oceanography PhD student researches the ecological role of gelatinous zooplankton in marine food webs

A bioluminescent wave off Scripps Pier in April 2020

Historic Red Tide Event of 2020 Fueled by Plankton Super Swimmers

The swimming ability of dinoflagellates lends them a competitive advantage over other plankton species, contributing to harmful algal blooms

Scripps biological oceanographer and mission leader Lisa Levin (third from left) with students and colleagues before Alvin’s July 16 deployment

Scripps Researchers to Explore Deep-Sea Methane Seeps in Alvin Submersible

Expedition hopes to better understand how far the chemicals from seeps spread underwater, and which organisms can utilize them as a food source

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