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USCGC Healy supporting Ice Station Operations

Discovering the Mysteries of the Arctic

STARC program probes key influence on global climate

Dr. Barb Linnehan examining a Navy dolphin. Photo: U.S. Navy

Using Fecal Transplants to Treat Dolphins with Gastrointestinal Disease

Microbiologists and marine mammal experts team up to study dolphin microbiomes

Presentations, Poster Sessions and Puppies

An insider shares what goes on at an ocean science conference

Members of the Scripps Oceanography contingent at COP28. Mitchell Chandler (third from left, back row) discussed the Argo network in the Ocean Pavilion during the event.

Everything Everywhere All At Once At COP28

A Scripps delegate reflects on the recent global climate change negotiations held in Dubai

A CTD with all of its bottles open during a cast conducted from NIWA's R/V Tangaroa. Photo: NIWA

Exploring Ocean Currents 20,000 Feet Under the Sea

Shipboard measurements of ocean depths emphasize the importance of Deep Argo

Sally Ride

The Ocean as a Classroom

Promoting shipboard knowledge production to be more accessible for future generations

MOD engineers and scientists working on deploying a drifting Wirewalker buoy in collaboration with researchers from WHOI. Photo by San Nguyen

Investigating Rapid Ocean Dynamics in the North Atlantic

Volcanoes, storms, and Italian karaoke

Austin Barnes measuring sand levels on Fort Hase Beach at the Kāne‘ohe Marine Corps Base. We will compare this data to previous surveys to determine seasonal and long-term erosion patterns and their impacts on flood vulnerability.

Improving Flood Forecasts on Reefy Shorelines

Scripps Coastal Processes Group extends reach across Pacific

Denise Alcantara, third from right, with other members of the Scripps Oceanography contingent at COP27

Reflections on COP27 from a First-Time Delegate

Denise Alcantara one of 20 UCSD students at international climate negotiation

CHAOS lead scientist Kim Prather (left) oversees inaugural SOARS research project

The Chaos of Sea Spray Aerosols

Students part of inaugural study using new ocean simulator

Another Year, Another Maui Trip!

Scripps Oceanography students monitor long-term changes in coral reef health

SUNRISE in the Gulf of Mexico

Watching how water moves at a busy ocean intersection

Students in “Communicating Environmental Science" course create analysis of science communication challenges

Let’s Talk about Science: Why and How We Need to Do Better

Observations from Scripps Oceanography science communications class on the task scientists face

San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria (right) meets with UC San Diego students at COP26

Amid Letdowns that Couldn’t Be Overcome by Haggis, Reasons for Hope at COP26

A member of the Scripps Oceanography delegation’s post-event analysis

The La Palma eruption plume. Photo by James Day.

On the ground at the La Palma eruption

Scripps geologist James Day writes about returning to the volcanic island where he did research for his PhD

High-Frequency Acoustic Recording Package (HARP) on the deck of R/V Pelican

Dodging Hurricane Ida While Listening to a Changing Gulf

Supercharged storms, marine mammal movements have human influence as a common cause

Workers in hard hats and jump suits deploying mooring from research vessel.

Mixing It Up

Oceanographers search for turbulent-driven upwelling at bottom of the ocean

R/V Roger Revelle Sails Again

Crew and scientists aboard R/V Roger Revelle put ship through its paces after an extensive overhaul

Laura and Carl Hubbs, December 1946

A Line in the Sand

A brief history of the women of Scripps Institution of Oceanography


Scripps scientists return from year-long polar drift experiment

A photo essay from the Arctic Ocean

Winnie Chu (left) and watchmates begin a rainy graveyard shift aboard R/V Sally Ride

Research Experience aboard R/V Sally Ride a.k.a. 'SWEET BOAT GIG 2020'

Students from around the country get a taste of ship life

The science party aboard R/V Sally Ride. Laura Lilly is at far left at rear; Angela Klemmedson is fourth from right.

All-Female Science Party aboard R/V Sally Ride Continues 71-year CalCOFI Measurement Series

Researchers honor pioneering astronaut and legacy of iconic science program

A biogeochemical Argo float deployed in the Southern Ocean. Photo: Channing Prend

Scientific Resilience During a Pandemic

An aborted research cruise makes the most of the return journey home

Adi Khen's octopus

The Story of My Octopus

A bond between PhD student and eight-armed friend

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