Around the Pier: Scripps Rated a Best Place to Work for Postdocs


Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego was ranked among the top 30 U.S. institutions listed as “Best Places to Work: Postdocs” in the March 2012 issue of The Scientist magazine.

Scripps Oceanography ranked number eleven in the nation and number three among the West Coast institutions listed. This years survey represents Scripps’ highest overall ranking score in five years.

Survey respondents, all of whom were nontenured life scientists working in academia, industry, or noncommercial research institutions, recognized Scripps for its strengths in the categories of “Career Development and Opportunities” and “Family and Personal Life.”

“Our top priority is fostering a stimulating and welcoming atmosphere for everyone in the Scripps community. Postdoctoral fellows bring new energy and perspective to Scripps, and have always been considered an important sect of our academic body,” said Scripps Director Tony Haymet. “This high ranking and positive feedback from our postdocs is a great testament to the strength of our institution, and adds data to the claim that Scripps is a great place to work.”

Survey-takers responded positively to statements about Scripps such as “The department or institution provides assistance and advice about career opportunities for postdocs” and “my principal investigator understands that I have family and personal obligations and encourages me to take care of these obligations.”

Scripps continues to climb the ranks in “Best Places to Work” surveys each year for its strong postdoctoral program and desirable working atmosphere. The Scientist magazine listed Scripps as number five among West Coast institutions in 2011 and number seven among West Coast institutions in 2010.

NOTE: The results of these annual surveys should be assessed noting large variations from year to year based on fluctuating numbers of self-selecting survey participants.

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