Autonomous University of Baja California Celebrates 50th Anniversary


The schools of Marine Sciences and Oceanography at the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC) in Mexico are celebrating half a century of discovery and collaboration this year.

The campuses located in Ensenada, Mexico, hosted the XVI National Meeting of Oceanography, which included a week of events to commemorate the history of UABC's programs. Events included special lectures, awards, ceremonies, and a voyage to Todos Santos Bay on Navy ships for all guests.

Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego has been an integral part of UABC's development and success. The first director, Santos Silva Cota, came to Scripps in 1960 seeking support and resources to develop the university's Bachelor of Science program in oceanography. Since then, UABC and Scripps Oceanography have worked together on dozens of projects and Scripps has taken a strong interest in the success of UABC's schools by donating a ship for research purposes in 1963 and also diving gear several years later.

Many Scripps researchers have worked with colleagues and students at UABC over the past 50 years, including Charles Cox, Farooq Azam, Peter Brueggeman, Andrew Dickson, William Fenical, James Swift, and Carl and Laura Hubbs.

"Our cooperation and dedication to advancing science continues today and UABC hopes to deepen its connection to Scripps Oceanography and to fully realize the many possibilities that these working relationships can bring in the future," said Hector Bustos-Serrano, department head of the chemical oceanography division at UABC.

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