Complete Roster of Scripps Oceanography COP23 Press Events Available Online


The United Nations climate negotiation, known as the 23rd Conference of the Parties or COP23, took place in Bonn, Germany Nov. 6-18. Nearly two dozen scientists and students from the University of California San Diego joined UC Revelle, the NGO that represents the University of California system, at the event.  UC Revelle researchers delivered seven press conferences at COP23 on subjects ranging from the effects of climate change on global fisheries to the management of the Southern Ocean. 


Below are video links to each of the seven presentations:


Nov. 6
"Understanding Oceanic and Atmospheric Phenomena and their Role in Climate Models" (Tashiana Osborne, Maddie Hamann/Scripps Institution of Oceanography)


Nov. 8

"What climate change means for global fisheries catches and human populations that rely on them" (Andrew Johnson, Alfredo Giron/Scripps Institution of Oceanography; Liz Hetherington UC San Diego Div. of Biological Sciences)




Nov. 9

"Contemporary Issues In Southern Ocean Management" (Frederick Hemans/UC San Diego School of Global Policy and Strategy)



Nov. 10  

"Climate observations for managing human activities in the deep ocean" (Lisa Levin/Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Francoise Gaill/CNRS)



Nov. 11

"Small Island Developing States celebrated for marine conservation in contributing to Paris Agreement implementation" (Beverly French, Emily Kelly, Maya deVries/Scripps Institution of Oceanography)



Nov. 13

"Context is Everything: Perspectives on Past, Present, and Future Climate Change" (Lynne Talley, Alan Seltzer/Scripps Institution of Oceanography)



Nov. 14

"Sustainable and Healthy Food Systems and Diets" (Cristina Tirado/UCLA)




Nov. 15  

"What is driving global rainfall changes?" (Dillon Amaya, Charlotte Beall, Daniela Faggiani-Dias/Scripps Institution of Oceanography)



Nov. 16

"The untold effects of ocean acidification: implications for valuable coastal resources" (Alyssa Finlay, Kaitlyn Lowder/Scripps Institution of Oceanography)




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