explorations Volume 6, Number 3, Winter 2000


Archived at https://sio.photoshelter.com/search/result/VD000MhWKA7UobIg

1: SIO Director Charles Kennel introduces INDOEX, the Indian Ocean Experiment (00:35);

2: Clouds, chemistry, and the climate - the effects of clouds and air pollution on climate, and the INDOEX experiment at the Maldive Islands by SIO's Center for Clouds, Chemistry, and Climate with SIO professor V. Ramanathan and Paul Crutzen (02:00);

3: The Indian Ocean - ocean and atmosphere and aerosol pollution, and the INDOEX research strategy (07:25);

4: Male International Airport - INDOEX headquarters and scientific briefings. Shows V. Ramanathan, Joachim Kuettner of the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, Paul Crutzen, William Collins of the National Center for Atmospheric Research, and Thierry Elias of the Laboratory for Atmospheric Optics (09:45); 5: C-130 Hercules Airplane - cloud and aerosol research activities onboard (13:30);

6: Research Vessel Ronald Brown - INDOEX activities on this NOAA ship. Shows Russell Dickerson of University of Maryland, Herman G. Smit of the Institute for the Chemistry of the Polluted Atmosphere in Germany, and John Wyland, B. Greg Mitchell, Jens Muhle and Piotr Flatau, all from SIO. (14:55);

7: Teacher on Board - an INDOEX science education program for Maldivian teachers, with Gina Lincicum from Birch Aquarium at Scripps. Shows V. Ramanathan. (19:45);

8: Kaashidhoo Climate Observatory - a land-based atmospheric measurement facility built by SIO scientists in the Maldives. Shows V. Ramanathan. (22:15);

9: The Findings - extent of air pollution over the Indian Ocean. Shows V. Ramanathan.

Closing remarks by SIO Director Charles Kennel. (24:55).

From SIO Archives collection 2013-05

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