explorations Volume 7, Number 2, Winter 2001 Video edition


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video issue of SIO Explorations Volume 7, Number 2, Winter 2001.

1: Introduction by SIO Director Charlie Kennel;

2: Images on a Coral Reef - SIO research oceanographer Jules Jaffe and SIO graduate student Dave Zawada use an underwater camera system to observe coral fluorescence and its health (01:20);

3: Collecting in La Jolla Canyon - SIO marine technician Ron McConnaughey collects hagfish, launching a boat from Scripps Pier (07:00);

4: Coring the Deep Seafloor - SIO professor Miriam Kastner collects mud samples offshore Northern California for methane studies. Shows SIO staff research associate Gretchen Robertson, and SIO post graduate researcher Adina Paytan. (09:30);

5: Mealtime on R/V Melville - the ship's galley with cooks Tony Lewis and Dan Engelbrecht (15:45);

6: Raising Moon Jellies - Birch Aquarium senior aquarist Leslee Yasukochi Matsushige raises jellyfish (18:00);

7: Monitoring Coastal Waters - SIO professor Clinton Winant uses instruments off Southern California reporting real-time ocean data. Shows SIO technician Jerry Wanetick. (20:30);

8: Ambassador for Oceanography - SIO marine technician Kevin Hardy takes science and Scripps into the community. Shows Mouse House 2, an underwater habitat for mice. Shows SIO Archivist Deborah Day and SIO Archives. (24:30).

Closing comments from SIO Director Charles Kennel.

From SIO Archives collection 2013-05

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