explorations Volume 8, Number 3, Winter 2002 Video Edition


Archived at https://sio.photoshelter.com/search/result/VD000_BgVwEuwIaw

1: SIO Director Charles Kennel makes opening remarks on coastal ocean research; 2: Preserving California's Coastline - studies of California's coast over the years, including CalCOFI; 2: Monitoring Kelp Forest Ecology - professor Paul Dayton discusses the changing California kelp forest habitat, and his Point Loma kelp bed studies;

3: Tracking Coastal Conditions - physical oceanographer John Largier studies pollutant runoff and transport in the ocean. Shows staff research associate Melissa Carter and  diving technician Cary Humphreys;

4: Investigating Marine Pollution: postdoctoral biologist Dimitri Deheyn conducts experiments to determine effect of marine pollutants on brittle stars.; 5: Analyzing Microbial Worlds: SIO professor Farooq Azam examines the survivability and fate of disease-causing bacteria in the oceans. Shows postdoctoral researcher Richard Wong.

Closing comments by Director Charles Kennel.

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