In the News Now: Help Scripps Grads Perform Innovative Research!

Two groups from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego, family are finalists in the National Geographic Expedition Granted competition at -- and your vote could help either of them earn $50,000 for their project.
UCSD/Scripps alumnus and staff research associate Clinton Edwards of the Sandin and Smith labs is proposing a reef-imaging project called Through the Surface aimed at improving conservation awareness among surfers. He would lead an expedition to travel to Pipeline, Teahupo'o, P-Pass, Cloudbreak, and an unmarked reef to create massive images  that will allow the public see what is really going on under these great surf breaks and educate, engage and raise awareness about the importance of these reefs.
See what Edwards has in mind in this brief video:
Scripps MAS-MBC graduates Emily Callahan and Amber Jackson are seeking funding for their Rig2Reef Exploration project to encourage the use of former oil rigs as artificial reefs to support underwater communities. 
Take a video tour of their proposal here:

A single winner will be chosen from public vote Sept 16-29 and each person can vote once a day. 

Voting is underway and continues until Sept. 29th. Check it out and support our grads!


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