Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences Among New Majors Offered at UC San Diego


The University of California San Diego has added four new majors engaged with real-world concerns to address topics ranging from tackling climate change to sustainable development.  

Oceanic and atmospheric sciences, business psychology, data science, and real estate and development were developed as new majors in response to anticipated demand, workplace trends, and alumni feedback. These majors take advantage of the interdisciplinary nature of UC San Diego, exposing students to a range of faculty and learning experiences across campus and across divisions.



The oceanic and atmospheric sciences major, managed by Scripps Institution of Oceanography, applies physics, chemistry, and math to develop an understanding of the ocean and atmosphere.  It is one of three undergraduate majors offered by Scripps Oceanography, along with marine biology and earth sciences. Students will study a range of topics of increasing social concern including ocean waves, natural climate variability, human-caused climate change, ocean acidification, atmospheric phenomena, and more.

“One of Scripps’ main strengths is our ability to access the ocean,” said Dan Rudnick, a physical oceanographer and professor at Scripps who helped create the major. “This new major is an opportunity for students to be involved with Scripps science, including using data we’re collecting and by going on cruises or working in labs.”

According to Rudnick, this hands-on major is ideal for students interested in natural sciences. Classes students may take include Ice and the Climate System, Physics of the Atmosphere, Ocean Acidification, and Experiences in Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences. And yes, those experiences include trips to the beach and time at sea, including data collection on Ellen Browning Scripps Memorial Pier and an undergraduate student cruise on R/V Robert Gordon Sproul.

For more information on undergraduate programs offered through Scripps Oceanography, visit scripps.ucsd.edu/undergrad.


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