Photo of the Week: Acoustic Release


Matthew Norenberg prepares an acoustic quick release Sept. 4, 2016 on the aft deck of U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Healy in the Chukchi Sea.

Scripps Oceanography research oceanographer Peter Worcester was chief scientist for the mission, which involved deploying an array of acoustic bottom moorings to collect data on how climate change and decreased ice coverage is affecting the Arctic Ocean as part of the multi-year Office of Naval Researchf-unded Canada Basin Acoustic Propagation Experiment (CANAPE). An acoustic release allows an instrument package to be retrieved from the ocean floor. When the release receives a signal from a nearby ship, it detaches the instrument package from its anchor weight and allows it to float to the surface for collection.

Cutter Healy is the United States' newest polar capable icebreaker, with a length of 420 feet and a Coast Guard crew of 87.

U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Christopher M. Yaw/Pacific Area External Affairs

Chief Scientist Peter Worcester, John Kemp, and Matthew Norenberg discuss operations Sept. 4, 2016 on the aft deck in the Chukchi Sea.

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