Photo of the Week: Celebrating Sediment


Physical scientist Valerie Schwartz of the U.S. Geological Survey celebrates the successful collection of sediment in all eight tubes of a "multi-corer" aboard Scripps Oceanography research vessel Sally Ride earlier this month. (The photo was taken by Scripps' Melissa Miller.)

As detailed in this post on the Sally Ride blog, researchers from Scripps, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Oregon State University, Sacramento State, University of Rhode Island, CSU Bakersfield, and the USGS spent several days testing out various devices designed to bring back "cores"— cylindrical samples —of sediment on the ocean floor near Catalina Island.

The tests were part of a science verification cruise for the new research vessel, which is operated by Scripps on behalf of the U.S Navy. Such cruises confirm that the ship and its crew are capable of completing certain types of scientific data-gathering.

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