Scripps Scientist Honored with Roger Revelle Award


Acknowledging his tireless efforts promoting stewardship of the sea, Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego marine ecologist Ed Parnell has been honored with the 2010 Roger Revelle Award from the San Diego Oceans Foundation.

The award, named after former Scripps director, climate science pioneer and UC San Diego founder Roger Revelle, annually recognizes a San Diegan who "has made a significant contribution to man's ability to coexist with the marine environment."

Parnell's research interests include human impacts on the coastal zone, as well as the ecology of kelp forests and the coastal shelf environment. His insights and expertise have become invaluable as California formalizes plans to increase marine protected areas. The designs for the south La Jolla and North County marine protected areas were based on his research.

According to the San Diego Oceans Foundation: "As an avid ocean user who embraces its integrity, aesthetic nature and beauty, Ed is an advocate of wise ocean stewardship based on sustainable human practices that affect the oceans, including our use of the watersheds that drain into it, the re-engineering of its margins, the pollutants that settle into it from the atmosphere, the sewage we discharge into it, the food that we rely on from it, and all the services that it faithfully provides us."

Previous Roger Revelle Award honorees affiliated with Scripps include: Paul Dayton (2008), Charles Bishop (2002), Jim Stewart (2001), Walter Munk (2000), Andy Rechnitzer (1999) and Ed Goldberg (1989).

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