Scripps Scientist Wins Acoustic Society Award


Peter Worcester, research oceanographer at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego, is part of a team recently awarded the Acoustical Society of America's 2007 Science Writing Award in Acoustics for Media other than Articles.  The award recognized the Discovery of Sound in the Sea website, which introduces the public to science of sounds in the marine environment.

Worcester's research interests focus on the application of acoustic remote-sensing techniques to the study of large-scale ocean circulation. A seagoing scientist, his work involves projects with considerable importance to understand the processes of ocean mixing worldwide and the ocean's role in global change based on studies of ocean temperature and circulation.

"I never dreamed that I would be part of a team receiving a science writing award," said Worcester.

The Discovery of Sound in the Sea was developed by the University of Rhode Island's Office of Marine Programs in partnership with Marine Acoustics, Inc. of Newport, RI.

The award was presented to the research team at the 156th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America in Miami on Nov. 13, 2008. Kathleen Vigness-Raposa from Marine Acoustics, Inc., Gail Scowcroft and Christopher Knowlton from the Office of Marine Programs at the University of Rhode Island were also honored as part of the research team.

The Acoustical Society of America is an international scientific society founded in 1929 to increase and diffuse the knowledge of acoustics and promote its practical applications.

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