Chemical Ecology

Most Recent Publications

Comparing Chemistry And Census-based Estimates Of Net Ecosystem Calcification On A Rim Reef In Bermuda (2016) [10.3389/fmars.2016.00181]
Courtney,Travis A.; Andersson,Andreas J.; Bates,Nicholas R.; Collins,Andrew; Cyronak,Tyler; de Putron,Samantha J.; Eyre,Bradley D.; Garley,Rebecca; Hochberg,Eric J.; Johnson,Rodney; Musielewicz,Sylvia; Noyes,Tim J.; Sabine,Christopher L.; Sutton,Adrienne J.; Toncin,Jessy; Tribollet,Aline
Is Formamide A Geochemically Plausible Prebiotic Solvent? (2016) [10.1039/c6cp03290g]
Bada, J. L.; Chalmers, J. H.; Cleaves, H. J.
Aspects Of The Marine Nitrogen Cycle Of The Chukchi Sea Shelf And Canada Basin (2015) [10.1016/j.dsr2.2015.02.009]
Brown, Z. W.; Casciotti, K. L.; Pickart, R. S.; Swift, J. H.; Arrigo, K. R.
Refractory Dissolved Organic Nitrogen Accumulation In High-elevation Lakes (2015) [10.1038/ncomms7347]
Goldberg, S. J.; Ball, G. I.; Allen, B. C.; Schladow, S. G.; Simpson, A. J.; Masoom, H.; Soong, R.; Graven, H. D.; Aluwihare, L. I.
Bacteria-driven Production Of Alkyl Nitrates In Seawater (2015) [10.1002/2014gl062865]
Kim, M. J.; Michaud, J. M.; Williams, R.; Sherwood, B. P.; Pomeroy, R.; Azam, F.; Burkart, M.; Bertram, T. H.
Signatures Of Nutrient Limitation And Co-limitation: Responses Of Autotroph Internal Nutrient Concentrations To Nitrogen And Phosphorus Additions (2015) [10.1111/oik.01215]
Bracken, M. E. S.; Hillebrand, H.; Borer, E. T.; Seabloom, E. W.; Cebrian, J.; Cleland, E. E.; Elser, J. J.; Gruner, D. S.; Harpole, W. S.; Ngai, J. T.; Smith, J. E.