Oceans and Atmosphere

Applied Ocean Sciences

Applied ocean sciences focus on the application of advanced technology to ocean exploration and observation. Fields include marine acoustics, optics, electromagnetics, geophysics, ecology, sediment transport, coastal processes, physical oceanography, and air-sea interaction. The emphasis is on the resolution of key scientific issues through novel technological development.


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Centers, Labs, and Projects

A long-term systematic observing system of the physical state of the global ocean.
Coastal Observing Research and Development Center (CORDC)
Develops and implements coastal observatories, serves as a science and technical interface with local, state, and federal agencies, and manages various system components.
Instrument Development Group
Develops autonomous instrument platforms and sensors for them, builds instrumented vehicles, and operates floats and gliders for such projects.
Marine Bioacoustics Lab
We develop and use new, non-lethal acoustic methods and technologies to promote a better understanding of highly exploited and endangered marine species.
Multiscale Ocean Dynamics (MOD)
A specialized team of oceanographers, engineers, and graduate students solving vexing problems in ocean physics and biology.  We develop, build, and deploy novel scientific instrumentation to observe the ocean in new ways.

Recent Publications

McLaughlin, K.; Nezlin, N. P.; Weisberg, S. B.; Dickson, A. G.; Booth, J. A.; Cash, C. L.; Feit, A.; Gully, J. R.; Johnson, S.; Latker, A.; Mengel, M. J.; Robertson, G. L.; Steele, A.; Terriquez, L.