Coral Reef Biology and Ecology


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Centers, Labs, and Projects

Center for Marine Biodiversity and Conservation (CMBC)
Promotes interdisciplinary research and educational approaches to maintain the integrity of ocean ecosystems and manage their use in the face of rapid and inevitable global change.
Coral Reef Ecology
Studies coral reef ecosystems to answer fundamental questions of population biology, trophic dynamics, and spatial ecology.
Coral Reef Systems
A working group of scientists united by an integrated, interdisciplinary approach to studying coral reefs across gradients of anthropogenic stress.
Smith Lab
Focused on understanding how humans impact marine ecosystems in both tropical and local environments and developing strategies for restoring or preserving these environments for future generations.

Recent Publications

de Putron, S. J.; Lawson, J. M.; White, K. Q. L.; Costa, M. T.; Geronimus, M. V. B.; MacCarthy, A.
Hughes, T. P.; Barnes, M. L.; Bellwood, D. R.; Cinner, J. E.; Cumming, G. S.; Jackson, J. B. C.; Kleypas, J.; van de Leemput, I. A.; Lough, J. M.; Morrison, T. H.; Palumbi, S. R.; van Nes, E. H.; Scheffer, M.