Deep-Sea Biology

The ecology, zoogeography, taxonomy, and evolution of deep-sea organisms, with emphasis on the benthos.


Doug Bartlett
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Assistant Professor
Dahiana K. Arcila
Assistant Professor
Kait Frasier
Assistant Research Scientist
Greg Rouse and wallaby
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Jennifer Taylor
Associate Professor
Mark Ohman
Distinguished Professor
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Centers, Labs, and Programs

We examine the diversity and activity of microbial life in the deep sea , including within the deepest ocean trenches.

Supports scientific research by providing specimens for study on the taxonomy, evolution, and ecology of benthic invertebrates.

Research in our lab traces the flow of organic matter through marine ecosystems, focusing on the trophic connectivity of species and assemblages in deep pelagic waters.

Levin is a marine ecologist who studies benthic ecosystems in the deep sea and shallow water.

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