Environmental Toxicology

The study of the effect of various chemical, biological and physical agents on the health of humans and marine organisms.



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Centers, Labs, and Projects

Aluwihare Lab: Chemistry & Biology of Ocean Organic Matter
Organic molecules in natural waters can help us to understand the global cycling of biologically important elements like carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus.
Center for Marine Biotechnology and Biomedicine (CMBB)
Research programs focus on marine biomedicine and marine drug discovery, with an emphasis on cancer and both infectious and inflammatory diseases.
Moore Laboratory
Focused on the biosynthesis and bioengineering of marine microbial natural products and in the discovery of new enzyme biocatalysts.
Deheyn Lab
Studying color and biological light in nature through their various forms and functions.
Choy Lab
Research in our lab traces the flow of organic matter through marine ecosystems, focusing on the trophic connectivity of species and assemblages in deep pelagic waters.
Schartup Lab
Trace Metal Clean Lab and Instruments

Recent Publications

Brignac, K. C.; Jung, M. R.; King, C.; Royer, S. J.; Bickley, L.; Lamson, M. R.; Potemra, J. T.; Lynch, J. M.
Gove, J. M.; Whitney, J. L.; McManus, M. A.; Lecky, J.; Carvalho, F. C.; Lynch, J. M.; Li, J. W.; Neubauer, P.; Smith, K. A.; Phipps, J. E.; Kobayashi, D. R.; Balagso, K. B.; Contreras, E. A.; Manuel, M. E.; Merrifield, M. A.; Polovina, J. J.; Asner, G. P.; Maynard, J. A.; Williams, G. J.