Oceans and Atmosphere

Internal Waves and Ocean Mixing

Internal Waves and Ocean Mixing


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Centers, Labs, and Projects

Multiscale Ocean Dynamics (MOD)
A specialized team of oceanographers, engineers, and graduate students solving vexing problems in ocean physics and biology.  We develop, build, and deploy novel scientific instrumentation to observe the ocean in new ways.

Recent Publications

Tamsitt, Veronica; Drake, Henri F.; Morrison, Adele K.; Talley, Lynne D.; Dufour, Carolina O.; Gray, Alison R.; Griffies, Stephen M.; Mazloff, Matthew R.; Sarmiento, Jorge L.; Wang, Jinbo; Weijer, Wilbert
Alberty, M. S.; Sprintall, J.; MacKinnon, J.; Ganachaud, A.; Cravatte, S.; Eldin, G.; Germineaud, C.; Melet, A.