Oceans and Atmosphere

Nonlinear and Surface Waves

Propagation and dynamics of waves in the ocean, including the effects of stratification, rotation, topography, wind, and nonlinearity.  (Drake Passage wave photo: Maria Stenzel)

Centers, Labs, and Projects

Air Sea Interaction Lab
The primary area of research is air-sea interaction, including the topics of surface wave dynamics, air-sea fluxes, upper ocean turbulence, including Langmuir circulations, and the remote sensing of ocean surface phenomena using electromagnetic and acoustic techniques.

Recent Publications

Merrifield, S. T.; Schramek, T. A.; Celona, S.; Boas, A. B. V.; Colin, P. L.; Terrill, E. J.
Schramek, T. A.; Terrill, E. J.; Colin, P. L.; Cornuelle, B. D.