Oceans and Atmosphere

Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions

The study of the physical, dynamical, and chemical interactions between the oceans and the atmosphere on a variety of scales, as well as their effects on climate, weather, and ecology.

Potential graduate students interested in this topic may want to apply for the Climate, Ocean, and Atmosphere MS and PhD programs or the MAS Climate Science & Policy Program.


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Centers, Labs, and Projects

Air Sea Interaction Lab
The primary area of research is air-sea interaction, including the topics of surface wave dynamics, air-sea fluxes, upper ocean turbulence, including Langmuir circulations, and the remote sensing of ocean surface phenomena using electromagnetic and acoustic techniques.
Center for Aerosol Impacts on Climate and the Environment (CAICE)
CAICE is a Center for Chemical Innovation focused on the fundamental chemistry behind the impact of aerosol particles on our climate.
Evan Research Group
California Nevada Applications Program (CNAP)
Providing cutting edge climate science to stakeholders in water resources, natural resources and coastal resources.

Recent Publications

Lennartz, S. T.; Marandino, C. A.; von Hobe, M.; Andreae, M. O.; Aranami, K.; Atlas, E.; Berkelhammer, M.; Bingemer, H.; Booge, D.; Cutter, G.; Cortes, P.; Kremser, S.; Law, C. S.; Marriner, A.; Simo, R.; Quack, B.; Uher, G.; Xie, H. X.; Xu, X. B.
Hutchings, N.; Kilpatrick, T.; Long, D. G.