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The Scripps Technical Forum (STF) is an opportunity for the technical community across Scripps to connect directly with industry experts to explore innovative new solutions, technologies and research applications. 

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Scripps Technical Community

The group is open to anyone within Scripps and UC San Diego interested in applied technology.  The forum is hosted semi-monthly over the lunch hour via Zoom with an interesting program of presentations given by members of the community and industry.  We’d love to know what topics you’d like to see and any companies you’re interested in hearing from.


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Industry Partners

Scheduling priority is given to Scripps Corporate Alliance Members for technical presentations.  To submit your interest in participating in the technical forum, please provide us with your contact information and we will be in touch with you. 


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Recent Presentations

Poster image show orange sensor vehicles in an estuary.

Scripps Technical Forum: YSI - Integrated Systems & Services

Scripps Technical Forum: YSI - Integrated Systems & Services
Scripps Technical Forum - Nortek
Scripps Technical Forum - CalWave - Updates on pilot of wave energy converter off Scripps Pier Q3/21


Members of the Technical Forum are encouraged to use the mailing list to get answers from the community on questions about instrumentation, technical setups, electronics, mechanicals, moorings, computers, etc.

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