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Rusty Jehangir from Blue Robotics shares BlueOS, a free and open source software ecosystem for robotic vehicles, especially ROVs and USVs. BlueOS runs on the vehicle's onboard computer and provides the basic features you need and tools to build the features that you want. Rusty will explain the motivations behind BlueOS, give a live demo, and share the future roadmap! All are welcome and no software background is needed!

Winter 2024 El Niño, Storms and Ocean Conditions 

Tuesday, January 23, 2024, 3:30 - 5:00 pm

Refreshments to follow


Robert Paine Scripps Forum for Science, Society and the Environment

UC San Diego’s Scripps Institution of Oceanography

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UC San Diego’s Scripps Institution of Oceanography invites you to a discussion about the latest 

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Wave Glider and Autonomous Surface Vessels are platforms of increasing scientific use at SIO and the greater community. Join Dr Glenn Sasagawa from IGPP and share your experiences and work with wave gliders!

There is a significant pool of operational and engineering expertise within the different groups.  This meeting is an opportunity to informally greet each other, describe the different science goals, instrument platform implementations, and share operational experiences.  Attendees are encouraged to present a brief overview (5 min) about their work to date. …

Join us as SubC Imaging collaborates with KOLOSSAL to uncover the mysteries of the elusive colossal squid. Spearheaded by the ocean non-profit KOLOSSAL, this unique collaboration brings together a polar tourism vessel, cutting-edge underwater technology, and marine biology expertise. The mission: repeatedly deploy a deep-sea camera into the Southern Ocean with the goal to find and study the colossal squid before…


Sea-Bird Scientific will be on campus to host a Technical Forum to the SIO community.  In this session, optical experts, Cris Oricco, Program Manager, and Dave Stahlke, Technical Support, will guide participants through their optical portfolio, and help researchers better understand how Sea-Bird Scientific works within the science of optical oceanography.  We'll specifically look at the…

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Join our Scripps Corporate Alliance member Voyis for our October Scripps Technical Forum presentation - Wide Area Color Image Mapping Systems. 

When looking to collect quality data in underwater environments, we often encounter the dilemma of using equipment that will provide wide area coverage, or sensors that output detailed quantifiable results. Voyis has developed…

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Marine surveys and inspections are undergoing a radical change. More and more remote operations and unmanned systems are being used to observe the ocean, collect data, and carry out crucial activities, often at a lower cost, increased safety, and reduced environmental impact. 

Join SubC Imaging Founder & Camera System Manager, Chad Collett, and VP of Software, Adam Rowe as they discuss and take your questions about the essential technologies being developed to support this shift for ocean sciences, offshore energy, and other maritime industries. …

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Due to growing demand from the oceanographic research community, RBR has released pyRSKtools, an official, open-source data processing toolbox for Python. This technical session will provide a brief overview of the toolbox and an opportunity to discuss coding and data processing issues with an expert from RBR. 


More about the Scripps Technical Forum: https://scripps.ucsd…

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The Scripps Technical Forum is back in person! Join us and Kongsberg Maritime to learn about their range of systems for exploring the oceans. The presentation will feature applications on scientific echo sounder systems for underwater science and fishery research. The focus will be on the EK80, a high-precision scientific echo sounder and ADCP system designed to quantify and monitor underwater ecosystems.  Lunch will be provided!

More about EK80: The EK system has…