Instrument Development Group (IDG)

The Instrument Development Group (IDG) is a recharge facility of the University of California San Diego. Since establishment in 1972, IDG continues to play a major role in developing a number of instruments for oceanographic use.

Currently, the primary projects of IDG are developing the SOLO and Spray glider instrument platforms. In addition to the ARGO program, IDG is working on adapting the SOLO platform for specialized projects and general improvements to the instrument. IDG is also adding instruments to the spray glider as well as improving its basic operation. IDG deploys, operates and does all turn around work for the majority of the operational gliders.

Conference Rooms

Nierenberg 101 is the largest conference room at CASPO. With seating for 80, this room features a giant screen with impressive projection and sound. The conference room has vending machines in the hallway for those long meetings. Nierenberg 101 opens up to a rose garden with tables, seating and ocean views. To book this room, please call x47166.

Spiess 330 is on the 3rd floor of Spiess Hall is a popular classroom and meeting area. The room can seat 50 and is equipped with a projector and three large white boards. The room is also connected to a large sundeck with ocean views. To book this room, please call x47166.

MESOM 251 is on the 2nd floor of the MESOM building. The room can seat 30 with a large video screen and white boards. There is a balcony offering ocean views. To book this room, please call x42830.

OAR 150 can host both meetings and casual gatherings. There is seating for 25 with a projector, video-conference capabilities, and two white boards for your meetings. Then there are also couches and a deck with a bbq grill for more casual affairs. The conference room is located beside a courtyard of native plants. To book this room, please call x46412.

Spiess 440 is a small but open and bright conference room with seating for 15. The room features a projector and sound as well as two white boards and a convenient counter space. Spiess 440 opens up to a sun deck with tables and sweeping ocean views. To book this room, please reserve a time on the calendar on the door.

Nierenberg 401, The Reading Room, has seating for 15. It is located on the top corner with panoramic ocean views offering a quiet place to meet and reflect. To book the room, please contact x49696.

Nierenberg 432 is a more executive conference room located on the top floor with seating for 10 and a pleasant ocean view. To book the room, please leave a note with the time on the door.

Nierenberg 327 is on the third floor of Nierenberg Hall. It is a small conference room with a table and seating for 9. On a corner, the windows open to make the room bright with a pleasant view. To book the room, please leave a note with the time on the door.

MESOM 151 and 351 are located in the MESOM building on the first and third floor respectively. These are small meeting rooms that can host up to 6 people. Room 351 offers an ocean view. To book one of these rooms, please call x42830.


Nierenberg Hall- the largest of the CASPO buildings, there are 112 offices and 17 labs.

MESOM- This brand new building hosts 67 offices and 12 labs.

Keck and OAR- These buildings combine to provide 49 offices and 12 labs, including IDG.

Spiess Hall- This hall hosts 27 offices and 3 labs, and is also home to the CASPO Business Office.

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