Business Office

CASPO Business Office staff

CASPO Business Office staff

How may we help you?

With 200 years of combined UCSD experience, the CASPO business office staff are able to handle all of your administrative needs.

Location and hours

The CASPO business office is located on the third floor of Spiess Hall. We are open M-F 8:30am to 12:00pm, 1:00pm-4:30pm.

Need to book a room? See our list of Conference Rooms.

Staff and assignments

Anne Footer


C&G back up


Becky Platero

HR Manager

Academic Personnel


Kharyn Loteyro

HR Specialist

Staff and Students

Salary recharges


Diane Boomer

HR Assistance


Time sheets


Will Rivera

Facilities Assistance

Key control


Travel assistant


Natalie Ervin

Travel assistant


Key control back up


Tomomi Ushii

Travel assistant




Susan Matheson

Finance Manager

Department funds


Andy Koudriavstev

C&G Analyst

IDG Recharge Facility

Fund manager for:

Russ Davis

Dan Rudnick


Sylvia Robbins

Fund manager for:

Dan Cayan

V. Ramanathan

Marty Ralph


Natalie Aiello

Dept DSA

Fund manager for:

Tim Barnett

George Carnavale

Ivana Cerovecki

Paola Cessi

Sasha Gershunov

Shaun Johnston

Joel Norris

Greg Roberts

Lynne Talley






April Fink

C&G Manager


Sabrina Leitner

Fund Manager for:

Uwe Send

Richard Somerville

Bill Young


Sid Yamaguchi

NH Network Recharges

Key Control back up

Fund manager for:

Charlie Cox

Piotr Flatau

Julie McClean

Janet Sprintall

G. Sugihara

F. Valero

Shang-Ping Xie

Guang Zhang

Xin Zhang


Crystal Nguyen

Student assistant


Sean Pfeifer

Student assistant







Our mission

Provide creative, precedent setting, and responsible administrative support services to all CASPO personnel in a courteous, effective and fair manner.

Our goals

- Deliver continuously improved service, advice and guidance to the SIO science community.

- Execute administrative support that is creative and expeditious to our researchers and faculty.

- Ensure proper fiduciary stewardship of University and extramural resources.

- Provide the administrative backbone of continuity, stability, consistency, and reliability.

Basic office help

The Business Office has the following available for you to use:

Color scanner w/ scan to email B/W scanners w/ scan to email Fax machine
B/W copier (recharge to index) FedEx envelopes and boxes Hand truck
A small pick-up truck for quick errands Day parking passes (cash or recharge)  








If you ever need assistance, do not hesitate to visit or contact your fund manager, Will or Natalie.

We are here to help you!