The Scripps Institution of Oceanography/University of California San Diego NIH Training Program in Marine Biotechnology is unique in the NIH training portfolio for its focus on the oceans and opportunities for innovation in biotechnology.  As such, we have a focused program with excellent PhD trainees.

To date, from NIH resources as well as matching funds from the university, we have supported 22 trainees that have completed their doctoral degrees, and a further 8 that are continuing their programs under current or former support.

  • Average time to degree for 23 completed trainees = 5.4 years (range = 3 to 7.5)
  • Percentage of students successfully attaining PhD degree = 100% (23 of 23)
  • Percentage of underrepresented minorities in program = 28% (9 of 32)

Of the 9 underrepresented minorities who have been, or are, in our Training Program in Marine biotechnology, 5 have graduated with their PhD degrees at this point.  We are very proud of their accomplishments: one is in the practice of medicine, two are in academia, one in a biotech company, and one is an entrepreneur who has started a highly visible biotech company in the San Diego area.

Career placement

Private sector industry 23%
Academia  62%
Government  15%



Career paths of 23 Former Trainees as of November 2016

Pie graph of placed CMBB trainees
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