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Photo: Erik Jepsen

Around the Pier: Robert and Allison Price Give $6 Million to Birch Aquarium
Gift to Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institution of Oceanography reflects Prices’ passion for changing way education is delivered to students from underserved areas

Pod of false killer whales makes rare appearance at Scripps. Photo: Michelle Robbins/NOAA

Photo of the Week: False Killer Whales off Scripps Pier
False Killer Whales off Scripps Pier

Bottlenose Dolphin

Research Highlight: The Dolphin Sentinels
Tales told in marine mammal’s blubber lead to a new library of chemicals in our ocean food web

Calif. DWR releases video on atmospheric river research

Video: CalWater AR Research
California Department of Water Resources explains the importance of a major campaign to understand precipitation

Giant Seabass. Photo: Octavio Aburto

Research Highlight: Local Survey Shows More Than Half of All California Fish Species Can Be Found in La Jolla
From archived specimens and present-day surveys, researchers find that La Jolla kelp forest, submarine canyons, and surroundings contain surprising diversity in small region

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