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Photo of the Week: Science on Sleds
Stranded students and instructors do research with dogsleds, pointy sticks

 New study shows ability of plankton like these diatoms to acquire iron is sensitive to ocean acidification

Research Highlight: Key Biological Mechanism is Disrupted by Ocean Acidification
Inability of phytoplankton to acquire iron imperils marine ecosystems

Jane Willenbring in the field in Antarctica

A Scientist’s Life: Jane Willenbring
Geologist studies 'the science of scenery'

Scripps researcher Tyler Cyronak and test chambers in a study of ocean acidification effects on coral reef sediments in Bermuda

Research Highlight: Acid Ocean Poses Increased Reef Loss Risk
International team projects effect of diminishing supply of key building element

An amphipod collected by DOV Audacia from more than 8,000 meters (26,200 feet) deep off Chile

Photo of the Week: Deep Dive Find
Lander developed by longtime Scripps engineer dives to record depth off Chile; collects marine life