Business Office

Fiscal Management

Chay Mendoza (, Financial Manager

  • Supervision Pre & Post award
  • Internal Controls
  • Core Funds
  • Fiscal Planning and Budget
  • DSA

Fund Managers: Pre- & Post-award Administration

  • Proposal preparation
  • General ledger reconciliation
  • Financial Report
  • Project numbers
  • Establish fabrications
  • Close out
  • Agency Reports
  • Cost Transfers
  • Award allocation
  • Projections
  • Orbit Center
  • UCPath Funding
  • Business Contracts/Service POs
  • DSA, Financial Systems



Jeffery Kleve

Senior Fund Manager – Pre-Award

Earth Section


Christine Coulibaly

Senior Fund Manager – Post Award

PIs; Babcock, Bock, Borsa, Brown, Fan, Fialko, Fricker, Greenbaum,  Masters, Morzfeld,  Orcutt, Sandwell, Shearer, Staudgiel, Zumberge



James Pollock

Senior Fund Manager – Post Award




Sydney “Matt” Willoughby

Post Award

IGPP: Agnew, Armi, Berger, Constable, Constable, Davis, DeGroot-Hedlin, Dzieciuch, Gabriel, Haase, Hedlin, Laski, May, Mellors, Parnell-Turner, Vernon, Worcester



Deniesse Vankat

Post Award

GRD: Aarons, Aluwihare, Anderson, Barbeau, Charles, Day, DAlpoim Guedes, Diaz, Keeling, Rivera Collazo, Schartup, Stegman, Tauxe



Sharyn Gold

Post Award

GRD: Chin, Driscoll, Gee, Meth, Harding, Kilb, Leinen, Manizza, Muhle, Norris, Severinghaus, Stocks, Weiss, Wright


Travel/Purchasing/Miscellaneous Reimbursements


Sofia Palofox

Fiscal Assistant/RA1


Evelin Mendoza

Fiscal Assistant/RA1


Human Resources


Stephanie Rhoten

HR Manager

  • Academic & Staff Personnel Oversight
  • Academic Recruitments
  • Visa Policy
  • Faculty Voting
  • AP File Review
  • AP/HR Team Supervision
  • Staff Hiring Salary & Job Description Reviews & JD Prep



Megan Strachan

HR Generalist (staff personnel)

  • Staff Hiring | Career Positions
  • Job Descriptions
  • Staff Leave of Absences
  • Disability Management & Job Accommodations
  • Graduate Students | IGPP
  • Ecotime | Undergraduate Students, Grad Students, Staff, and Postdocs
  • Timekeeping/Payroll | Staff (Primary Timekeeper)
  • UCPath | Position Management, Smart HR Templates, LOAs, PayPath, etc.
  • OnBoarding | Career Staff Employees



Noelle Hardy

HR Generalist (staff personnel)

  • Academic Appointment and Review Files (non-professorial titles)
  • Post Doc Appointments, Exceptions & Recruitments
  • Academic RTADs
  • Graduate Students | GRD
  • Visiting Scientist/Scholars/Graduate Students
  • Academic Leave of Absences
  • UCPath | Position Management, Smart HR Templates, LOAs, PayPath, etc.
  • OnBoarding | Researchers, Specialists, and other full-time faculty



Tina Silva

HR Generalist (staff personnel)

  • Undergraduate Student Employee Hiring & Compensation
  • Timekeeping/Payroll | Staff (Backup Timekeeper)
  • Short Term Exception (STE) Staff Hiring
  • Staff Volunteer Appointments
  • Service Credit Pin requests
  • OnBoarding | Undergraduate Students, Grad Students, Postdocs, Visiting Scholars, Volunteers, limited & STE staff employees
  • J-1 Visa management
  • Staff Performance Appraisal Coordination
  • Training Compliance Tracking
  • SIO People Database Entries


Facilities/Safety Officer

Megan Smith

  • Department Safety Administration
  • Equipment Inventory
  • Building Maintenance
  • Building Access
  • Office-lab Access
  • Furniture



Rose Madson

Rose Madson

  • Supervision and leadership for IGPP administration
  • Human Resources (Academic/Staff), Financial
  • Space Management
  • Facilities
  • RES, PI Exceptions, Advance Approvals
  • Campus Liaison, SIO Liaison, OP Liaison
  • Policy and Procedures, Internal Controls
  • Proposal and Award Notices
  • Green Foundation