The Geosciences Research Division (GRD) is home to a diverse set of academics and staff whose interests cover a wide variety of topics in the atmospheric, marine, and solid Earth sciences. In many cases, these topics are cross-disciplinary, but they include essential components of the following core themes: the geochemistry of the solid, liquid and gaseous Earth, cosmochemistry (meteorites, asteroids and other planetary bodies), paleoceanography and paleoclimate, stratigraphy and sedimentology, geobiology and paleoecology, global and regional tectonics, paleomagnetism, and hydrogeology.

Research activities encompass modeling studies, laboratory experiments, and field-based expeditions, including ship-time.


GRD News

Rough seas during an April 2018 Southern Ocean transit. Photo: B. Jack Pan Research Highlight: Ocean Warming Detected from Atmospheric Gas Measurements
Team led by Scripps and Princeton University scientists use oxygen, carbon dioxide measurements to infer ocean temperature increase
Scripps graduate student Emily Wei. Scripps Student Spotlight: Emily Wei
Geosciences graduate student uses research to unravel geological processes of the past
Researchers and dive officers perform a dive near Eilat, Israel in support of marine archaelological research, July 2018. Photo of the Week: Surfacing Selfie
Scientists look for submerged signs of coastal civilzations dating to Neolithic period

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