Marine Science Development Shop

MSDC - staff shop

Truly a one-stop shop, we offer our customers a wide range of services that include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Engineering
  • Machining
  • Fabrication, in house and in the field
  • X-ray-certified welding
  • Inspection
  • Assembly
  • Pressure testing (in-house only)

Office hours

Monday - Friday, 8:00-2:30. Closed on weekends and university holidays.

Hourly Service Rates

UC Users $105 $80 $160
Non-UC Users $152 $115 $210


Machine Shop

Equipped with the latest state-of- the-art computer controlled machines in a brand new facility, our shop is as new as next week, but the personnel are old hands with a lifetime of experience - it's an ideal combination. It is hard to imagine a similar sized shop being more well rounded in terms of equipment, and this is why we can offer "do it all" solutions to our clients.

  • CNC Milling
  • Conventional Milling
  • CNC Turning
  • Conventional Turning
  • CNC Waterjet Cutting
  • CNC Wire EDM
  • Precision Machining
  • Micro Machining
  • Drilling
  • Polishing
Weld Shop

We build seagoing gear, clean ultra-high vacuum hardware fabrication, as well as general fabrication. Our welders are X-ray certified to weld all common metals including low-alloy steels, stainless steels, aluminum, titanium and bronzes. Other certifications available upon request. “Seawater-qualified” fabrications are their specialty.

  • Forming
  • CNC pipe bending
  • Oxy Fuel cutting
  • Shearing
  • Sawing
  • Sheet Metal Bending and Fabrication
  • MIG, TIG, Stick, Spot, and Oxy fuel welding
  • Remote fabrication
  • Micro Welding
Quality Control

To insure quality products MSDC has a full time inspector that certifies every outgoing part in our Quality Control Department. The inspection department has its own measuring tools, including a Brown and Sharpe coordinate measurement machine. Used to determine the dimensions of parts both big and small, simple and complex this manual CMM ensures the precision our clients demand. The granite surface plate in this room is a 4' X 8' "AA laboratory grade" plate, flat to < 50 millionths of an inch corner to corner.

Pressure Testing
We don't just build pressure housings, we test them too. Need certification for use with the Alvin manned submersible? Not a problem. We can subject your implodable volume to 10,200 psi for 10 cycles, in accordance with the Alvin certification criterion. Click on the SCHEDULE link to reserve one of our facilities.

NOTE: Testing available to UC Customers only


Coordinate Measurement Machine
B&S MIrcoXcel 7.6.5.

  • Travel: 29.5''X25.6''X 17''

  • Table: 33''X37''

  • Probe: Renishaw


Engineered Pressure Systems

  • 14"ID * 72" Deep

  • 10,200 psi

High Pressure Simulators (In-House only)