California's Central Valley as seen from the International Space Station.

Scientists Map “Pulse” of Groundwater Flow through California’s Central Valley

Advances in remote sensing are providing a first glimpse of groundwater recharge in the San Joaquin Valley

Portrait of a smiling woman with blonde curly hair

Antarctic Geographic Feature Named in Honor of Scripps Glaciologist Helen Amanda Fricker

The U.K. Antarctic Place-Names Committee honors British individuals who have made an exceptional contribution to furthering Antarctica's understanding, protection, and management


New Study Helps Pinpoint When Earth’s Plate Subduction Began

Several billion-year-old rocks tell the story of the planet’s transition from alien landscape to one of continents, oceans, and ultimately life

A smiling man in front of the beach with cliffs in the background.

Scripps Geophysicist Peter Shearer Awarded AGU’s Inge Lehmann Medal

American Geophysical Union recognizes contribution to the understanding of earthquakes

E/V Nautilus. Photo: Ocean Exploration Trust

Scientists Studying Biodiversity and Pharmaceutical Potential on Seafloor off California

Viewers can tune in live to watch trio of Scripps Oceanography researchers and their students explore the deep ocean

Talcahunao, Chile after 2010 tsuanmi. Photo: Peter Burgess EU/ECHO

Unveiling the Accuracy of Tsunami Predictions

New study validates accuracy in predicting the first wave, but weakness in forecasting ‘trailing’ waves

Researchers Use Satellite Imaging to Map Groundwater Use in California’s Central Valley

Satellite data reveal variability in the intensity of groundwater use for different crops, a boon for irrigation policymaking across the state

NASA image of clouds over earth.

Scripps Receives NOAA Award to Study Clouds, One of the Largest Uncertainties in Climate Change

The MAPP project will examine the relationship between low cloud “hot-spots” and Earth’s global climate sensitivity

Earth's Magnetic Field

Simulations Shows Magnetic Field Can Change 10 Times Faster than Previously Thought

Scientists demonstrate rapid changes are associated with local weakening of the magnetic field

Portrait of a smiling woman with short brown hair, a beach is visible in the background

A Scientist's Life: Sarah Aarons

Earth scientist studies the role dust plays in shaping ecosystems

Surface waves produced by iceberg calving are visible near the terminus of the Hansbreen glacier in Svalbard, Norway.

Listen Up: Scripps Scientists Use Underwater Microphones to Study Calving Arctic Glacier

Researchers develop new method for measuring glacial retreat by analyzing underwater acoustic recordings of icebergs falling into the ocean

Renowned Scientific Drilling Vessel with Ties to Scripps Visits San Diego

Scripps community members and scientists visit the JOIDES Resolution during its first U.S. port call in more than a decade

Seismic gear deployed on rough California hillside.

UC San Diego at Epicenter of Earthquake Research

Researchers across campus are trying to improve the understanding and detection of earthquakes

A brunette woman wearing glasses stands near a grassy patch along the coast

A Scientist's Life: Emily Chin

Geologist uses surface rocks to understand what’s happening miles within Earth’s interior

A woman in a red jacket conducts research in Antarctica

A Scientist's Life: Jane Willenbring

Geologist Jane Willenbring studies "the science of scenery," how the landscape changes over time

Portrait of a woman with short brunette hair; trees and flowers are seen in the background

A Scientist's Life: Miriam Kastner

Pioneering geochemist on a career spent breaking through seafloor and breaking through in a male-dominated field

A man wearing a blue shirt and glasses; the ocean and a pier are shown in the background

A Scientist's Life: Kerry Key

Scripps geophysicist describes using electromagnetics to see under the ocean

A man with shoulder-length hair stands at the beach

A Scientist's Life: Falk Feddersen

Falk Feddersen researches the implications of sea-level rise on our beaches

A woman with short, dark brown hair works in a research laboratory

A Scientist's Life: Lihini Aluwihare

Lihini Aluwihare studies the chemistry of organic matter in the oceans

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