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Scripps Institution of Oceanography is a global leader in climate change science. As the world faces unprecedented changes to climate, our experts answer pressing questions about how climate change will affect the planet and people.

Carbon Dioxide and Climate Change

Human-produced carbon dioxide is one of the leading causes of climate change. Learn how this greenhouse gas is altering the planet.

FAQ: Carbon Dioxide and Climate Change

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Wildfire smoke rises near the town of Weed, California in this image from an AlertCalifornia remote camera.

Climate Change in California

The most populous state in the United States is also one of the most volatile when it comes to climate change. From wildfires to drought, California is already seeing the effects of an altered climate.

FAQ: Climate Change in California

Ocean Acidification

As the ocean absorbs more and more carbon dioxide, its pH is changing, threatening marine ecosystems like coral reefs and their many inhabitants.

FAQ: Ocean Acidification

A stretch of bleached white coral under sparkling blue water.

California’s Marine Heat Waves

Large swaths of abnormally warm water have crept into California’s otherwise chilly coastline, damaging temperate ecosystems not accustomed to the tropical-like seas.

FAQ: California’s Marine Heatwaves

Climate Change in the Polar Regions

Some of the fastest-warming areas on the planet lie in the polar regions. These changes have implications that travel beyond their frozen frontiers.

FAQ: Climate Change in the Polar Regions

Cloudy skies over ice polar landscape

Ocean Deoxygenation 

Deoxygenation is the overall decline in the oxygen content of oceanic and coastal waters. This process in affecting marine environments and the organisms that call them home. 

FAQ: Ocean Deoxygenation

Sea-level Rise and California

The predominant sea-level rise impacts for the California coast are more flooding and erosion.

FAQ: Sea-level Rise and California

Waves top the boardwalk at Mission Beach, San Diego during a king tide in December 2023.

Climate Change Experts

Scripps Institution of Oceanography is a global leader in modern climate change research. Meet the researchers studying the ways Earth's climate is changing, advancing our understanding of the earth system, working to find solutions and develop mitigation strategies, and training the next generation of scientific and environmental leaders. 

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