Physiology of Marine Organisms



Assistant Professor

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Centers, Labs, and Projects

Benthic Invertebrate Collection
Supports scientific research by providing specimens for study on the taxonomy, evolution, and ecology of benthic invertebrates.
Center for Marine Biotechnology and Biomedicine (CMBB)
Research programs focus on marine biomedicine and marine drug discovery, with an emphasis on cancer and both infectious and inflammatory diseases.
Tresguerres Lab: Comparative Marine Physiology
Our research seeks to provide a link between metabolic and environmental acid/base stress and downstream physiological responses.
Latz Laboratory
A marine biology laboratory that studies the role of bioluminescence in marine ecosystems.
Marine Vertebrate Collection
Maintains worldwide holdings of deep-sea and pelagic fishes as well as extensive holdings of shore fishes from the entire eastern Pacific.

Recent Publications

Hippmann, Anna A.; Schuback, Nina; Moon, Kyung-Mee; McCrow, John P.; Allen, Andrew E.; Foster, Leonard J.; Green, Beverley R.; Maldonado, Maria T.
McCarthy, James Kevin; Smith, Sarah R; McCrow, John P; Tan, Maxine; Zheng, Hong; Beeri, Karen; Roth, Robyn A.; Lichtle, Christiane; Goodenough, Ursula; Bowler, Chris; Dupont, Cristopher L; Allen, Andrew E