Scripps Ocean-Atmosphere Research Simulator

Scripps Ocean Atmosphere Research Simulator is a unique installation that allows scientists to simulate varying ocean environments by controlling winds, waves, water chemistry, temperature, light and more. With SOARS, scientists are understanding how human activities are changing the chemistry of the ocean and atmosphere, and how this could impact global climate.

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SOARS Research Modes

Learn more about the capabilities of each of the instrument's research modes and how they can be combined for dynamic research studies.

Creates a pristine system free of pollutants and organic materials, for precise air-sea gas interchange and surface studies

Introduce pollutants and induce phytoplankton blooms to study effects of climate change and varying environmental conditions on marine ecological communities

Generates waves with heights up to 1.2 m, 0.3 - 1.5 Hz and simulates gale force winds up to 96 kilometers (60 miles) per hour (17 meters per second)

Water temperature ranges from 1 to 30 Celsius and air temperature from -15 to 30 Celsius in order to simulate polar and tropical environments

Lead Researchers

SOARS is led by Scripps atmospheric chemists, microbiologists, and physical oceanographers

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Scripps Ocean-Atmosphere Research Simulator is available to both UC San Diego and external researchers. Learn more about conducting your research with SOARS.

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