The Scripps Ocean Atmosphere Research Simulator is located in the Hydraulics Laboratory at Scripps Institution of Oceanography.


Robert Klidy
(858) 822-3711 


Grant Deane
(858) 534-0536



SOARS has four modes; Aerosol, Ecological, Wind/Wave, and Polar/Tropical. Features can be mixed with some limitations. Contact Robert Klidy with specific questions about your research project.


Max wave height

Min and Max water temp

Max wind speed

Min and Max  wind temp



1-30 C

26 m/s

1-30 C



1-30 C

26 m/s

1-30 C



1-30 C

26 m/s





10 m/s

-20 C


The SOARS instrument is available as a recharge for UC San Diego staff and at cost for external researchers. Cost TBD.



Do I have to submit a proposal to use SOARS?

SOARS is available to all users based on availability and the payment of daily recharge rates. In the event of a scheduling conflict, you will be asked to provide details about your science and engineering objectives to establish priorities.

I am a professor at Scripps Oceanography / UCSD. How can I use SOARS for my class?

SOARS is available for instructional activities at a reduced recharge rate and can be booked for classes based on availability.

What is the availability of SOARS? How do I reserve use of it?

An online use-request form can be used to request use of the instrument. Requests will be confirmed based on availability and research priorities. 

I am a researcher from an outside institution. How can I use SOARS for my research?

SOARS is available to researchers across the United States and internationally. Users outside UC San Diego pay a higher recharge rate.

How can I request a tour of the instrument?

Requests for tours are made through the on-line use request form.

Can I visit SOARS for a K-12 lesson?

SOARS is available for K-12 tours but educators need to provide their own lesson plans.

How do I get in contact with someone that works on the instrument?

General inquiries about SOARS can be made through the online use-request form or by contacting Robert Klidy or Grant Deane above.

I have a question about its capabilities. 

If you need more information than you find on the SOARS website please contact Robert Klidy or Grant Deane above.