Marine Vertebrate Collection

One of the largest collections of deep-sea and pelagic fishes in the world.

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The Marine Vertebrate Collection maintains approximately 2 million alcohol-preserved specimens in over 120,000 lots, representing more than 5,600 species of fishes.

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Recent Publications

Becerril-García, E.E., Rosales-Nanduca, H., Paniagua-Mendoza, A., Robles-Hernández, R. and Elorriaga-Verplancken, F.R., 2019. Records of Whalesuckers (Remora australis) on Short-Beaked Common Dolphins (Delphinus delphis) in the Gulf of California, Mexico. Aquatic Mammals 45(3):299-302.

Burton EJ, Lea RN. Annotated checklist of fishes from Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary with notes on extralimital species. ZooKeys 887: 1–119.

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Friends of the Collections support the largest and most complete university-based oceanographic collection in the world, comprised of millions of biological and geological marine specimens. This library of the ocean’s history is a resource to researchers and students all over the world.

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